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Yamaha R-S700 question

  • I just hooked up my new Yamaha R-S700 to two sets of speakers, an AR92 which must be 40 years old, and a set of speakers (Polk/Audio R150) I'm using in our sunroom.  I was hoping to be able to use both at the same time.  When the AR speakers are at a comfortable volume, I can barely hear the Polk speakers even when turned up to maximum volume.  Any suggestions as to how I can use the two sets of speakers at the same time?

  • If your older speakers are a lower impedance, they may drawing more wattage than the 8 Ohm Polks. Short of using an in-line volume control on the older pair, there's not much you can do to match the output level between the two.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?