Should I connect all speakers to one receiver, or set up these zones independently?

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Should I connect all speakers to one receiver, or set up these zones independently?

  • Hello all,

    So we're finishing the basement and I am charged with the responsibility of taking care of our A/V needs.

    The goal is to have the following:

    1) Living room with receiver and 5.1 set up
    2) 3 in-ceiling speakers scattered throughout, with a controlled interface in the kitchen (as well as each speaker having its own volume dial nearby)
    3) tv with dvd/blu ray player in the gym for treadmill users

    These requirements call for a total of 8 speakers (2 front, 1 centre, 2 rear, and 3 in ceiling), 1 subwoofer, 1 receiver, 3 volume dials (for in ceiling speakers), and 1 interface unit (for kitchen - to control the 3 in ceiling speakers)

    Can I simply connect EVERYTHING to the receiver?

    What sort of unit could we install in the kitchen to control the audio source for the three in ceiling speakers? Preferably looking for FM radio and cd player.

    Is there a universal connection type I should look for in all the components? (ie banana plugs)

    Currently I am looking at using two in ceiling speakers as the two rear speakers of the 5.1 setup. This means we are looking at a total of 5 in ceiling speakers. Can I use the same speakers for all 5? I am currently looking at these:

    Can I simply just add a volume control to a speaker? What type of connection do they use?

    The budget is at $1,500 maximum after-tax. I hope this is sufficient for a decent set up.

    I greatly appreciate any help and advice on the components and configuration, you guys are great based on what I've been reading.



  • There are several ways to accomplish this & depending on the number of zones, sources, and control options you require, the overall system and cost can vary.

    Your best bet is to start by contacting the Crutchfield A/V Design Group. This specially trained group of advisors can help design your system and recommend the components & wiring to provide the features, performance & capabilities you require.

    Hope that helps.