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wiring for whole house audio

  • I am building a new home. We are having 4 speakers installed by the builder and I need a receiver and a speaker selector. I plan to get this receiver from crutchfield and something like this selector. Would a setup like this work? I've heard things about different zones, so is this 4 zones?

  • The Onkyo TX-8050 offers connections & selection for two pairs of speakers (a/b) so, unless the speakers you’re having installed are less than the conventional 8 Ohm impedance, you do not need the external selector.

    The A/B speaker outputs will allow you to connect two pairs (4 speakers) of 8 Ohm speakers and switch between the two, all from the receiver.

    In most applications, “Multi-Zone” means the ability to play different sources in different locations at the same time. If this is a requirement, the Onkyo alone will not be enough. The receiver does offer a pre-amp “Zone 2” output so you can always add an external amplifier/receiver to power the speakers in the secondary zone if need be.

    I hope that helps.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?