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Bic America 12" sound problems

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Bic America 12" sound problems

  • Today I just got my bic America 12" 475 Watt powered Subwoofer and upon opening it looked great. I hooked it up and listened to some music and it sounded amazing but once I tried switching back to TV there is no sound an the picture is kind of laggy. I have everything hooked up to my Yamaha 5.1 channel receiver. My cable box goes out too my Xbox one then to my receiver then out to my TV. I have no idea what is wrong with it and was hoping someone here could be of any assistance. Everything else works like it's supposed to its just the cable box audio.

  • So, the only difference between no issue and the issue, was the addition of a powered subwoofer? Does the problem go away if you disconnect the sub?