Ipod-movies to television?

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Ipod-movies to television?

  • We will be traveling this summer, and I'd like to be able to entertain the 8 yr old with some of his favorite movies.  I think I can rip and store them to my IPod.  He could watch them there but the screen is small.  I'd like to be able to send these to a tv.

    I also have an Archos 404 and I can do this with that device, but a) it is bigger than the IPod b) it is only 40 Gb and we have more than 40 Gb of his movies.  The Ipod classic we have is 120 Gb and that would be fine.


    What does it take to connect an Ipod to a tv?


    Thanks and regards

  • Hello Penguin,


    Apple sells two different iPod A/V cables that should allow you to connect to any television. They sell a composite A/V adapter that will work with most televisions, and a component adapter that will work with HD TVs. You can check them out here:






    These kits also come with a power adapter so your iPod will charge.


    I hope that helps.

  • Or you could check out an external HDD with media center.

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