Using my current headset with bluetooth

  • Hi Everyone,

    Little bit of a backstory first: Soon I will be getting a motorcycle and so I've been looking into various options for how to be able to use my cell phone or listen to music while on the bike. I personally like my current headset which is the IASUS NT3 Throat microphone ( link: ) using a standard PC adapter (green and pink 3.5mm jacks). I'm not looking to buy an expensive helmet kit and have thus far been unsuccessful at finding a bluetooth adapter that I can plug my headset into and make it work with the phone (I'm not so concerned about music).

    I suppose all I need to be able to do is plug the two wires into it and it should work. Can anyone recomend something?



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  • Grahje, unfortunately I have not come across such a product in my daily work with such products. Hopefully someone will chime in with a product that they are aware of floating around on the market place. For the time being, I'm going to makr this thread as a discussion since there will not be a way for us here at Crutchfield to verify an answer.
  • I believe there is a headset called ActiveBlu that can be used for bicycling. I believe its a helmet though and I'm not sure how expensive it is. Also, check out Cardo Systems:

  • Wiring up a helmet for stereo is not a good idea. The helmet alone causes some muting of sounds that may save your life, so you should be extra vigilant when riding on the street. Wiring a helmet for phone is a really bad idea (talking on a phone while driving has the same effect on response time as driving drunk). Bad idea in a car...really bad idea on a bike.

    I'm sure people do it, though. If you must emulate them please visit this site first.


  • Pull over to the side of the road, to a rest area, restaurant, whatever. Check your messages. Make calls. Better yet, wait until you reach your destination, if not traveling far. Are you a salesman of some type or a drug company rep ? Get an office instead of the bike. Oh yea, and we all should be donors, whether or not we text/talk while driving.



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  • If the both of you would notice the original posting date for my entry, you'll note that it was set almost 3 months ago giving me plenty of time to consider the pros and cons of this.

    First-off: In hindsight yes it is not the best thing to do.  Secondly: I can do without the harsh words ( thanks Alex for at least having some actual information about this to back up your position). Do I really need to be a salesman or a something-or-other rep to find a need to talk while driving. Try picking someone up from a large building complex that you don't know anything about, when you've got someplace to be in a short time. Trust me, maps don't help (maps will lead you to the complex but not around the inside) and its really handy to have someone talk you through how to get where you need to be. Third: What's with the organ donor thing? Irreguardless of personal opinion about the subject that was a bit out there (GLH have some consideration for many peoples religious beleifs).

    Until yesterday when I received the email containing the reply from Geeky8, I had almost forgotten about this altogether. I've dropped the idea of using the NT3 Throat mic with my phone on the motorcycle. However, I'm still looking for this item mostly out of curiosity. To my knowledge there isn't anything that does what I'm asking about.

    Still thank you for your input,



  • Sorry if my response was a bit harsh, but I know from where I speak. I rode a Moto Guzzi cafe racer for many (many) years, I designed and built this facility. I have taught general education courses to Motorcycle Tech students, a few of whom were injured and one of whom was killed (through no fault of his own) while riding.

    The organ doner link was there to drive home a point, which it obviously did. Not to put too fine a point on it, but your belief system is not my concern. My concern was that I didn't leave you with a bad idea in your head if I could help it.

    Shiny side up, brother.


  • Though the decision was made some time before your post, Mission Accomplished.