Ipod with fm and bluetooth vs. sony walkman S544

  • looking at the ipods...need FM and bluetooth for headset.....internet and email would be nice if it is wifi with no additional charges.....would also consider a nano with FM and bluetooth. I am comparing the ipods to a sony walkman s544.. please advise on which models I should start looking at.

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  • Not sure I'm the best source of advice on this, but I'll give you a bit of help ...

    One nice thing with the Sony is it has built-in speakers - I use that with my Creative Zen Mosaic (which you could also consider) b/c I don't like being tied to earphones.

    For FM, most units are going to require the earphones as a wire for the FM antenna - so while you can somewhat listen to them without USING the earphones, you still need them plugged in and usually the cable extended as well (coiling or crossing the cable tends to hurt reception, which isn't always great to begin with).

    Not sure what is out there with bluetooth, internet, or E-mail, other than maybe the 3G iPod.  When I was looking (a year or so ago), the iPods didn't have FM, so other than iTunes compatibility and the "shake and shuffle" feature, they didn't have a lot of advantages, but now they might.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    Anyone else have suggestions?

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