Audio engine A2 VS Bose companion 20

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Audio engine A2 VS Bose companion 20

  • Hi,

    I am considering these two computer speakers but its hard to make a decision. I listened to the Bose at Best Buy and while ago and was happy with the way the sounded but I have never heard the audioengines.

    Here is what I have figured from reading reviews (might be wrong): Bose will have more "punch" while the A2s will deliver higher quality mids/highs.

    Any input would be great. Also I'm not just decided on these two speakers, if anyone wants to suggest something different I would appreciate it.


  • Both are great products so you really can't make a bad decision either way.

    Having said that, I prefer the clarity of the AudioEngine A2s and the three year warranty (Bose has 1 year) for less $$ which makes them an exceptional value.


    Anyone else have a good recommendation?