iphone 3G compatibility with Kenwood DPX503

  • I was curious if anyone had any information regarding this compatibility.  Any problems, etc.  Was really interested in buying the DPX503, and hoping somebody might know if it will work.  I realize the manual says it doesn't support it, but I believe that has been the case with a lot of decks, and they end up working regardless.  Or possibly any more suggestions on decks that work with the iphone 3g.  Thanks, Bryan

  • the iphone should be compatible with the cable to hook up to the ipod connection and it will also charge it but i am not sure. i am just going off what my uncle has told me

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  • Have that radio in my wifes car. Works for OS3.1.3.  I upgraded to OS4 on my iphone 3G and now it wont read the ipod.  It charges the phone still.  I was trying to find on the internet if there is a software upgrade for the radio.

  • Ahhh!  I had the same problem, fixed it though.   Like any or all electronic products these days, it seems it's always the same answer.  Reset.  The little pin-hole next to the usb and cable slots.  Just put a pin or nail in it for 3 seconds.   It's a hard reset, so you have to go through a little afterwards but it worked for me.