Ipod adapter for a factory 2002 blazer extreme? Not a FM modulator..

  • After hours on the internet, it appears that the only way to use an ipod adapter with the factory radio is to have the multi disc model radio, ours is  single CD and I can't seem to find a factory multi disc radio for sale for this car. My son is 17 and this was going to be a Christmas gift. Didn't know it was so difficult. My husband likes to keep the factory look, but it looks like we may have to go with an aftermarket stereo in order to use the ipod. Any suggestions?? Thanks so much

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  • Well, first off, I'll start by saying that I highly recommend going with an aftermarket stereo - especially considering most of the adapters are $140-$150 and nice aftermarket stereos are $130-$200.

    I definitely don't recommend replacing the factory with a different factory and THEN getting an adapter.

    However, I recommend contacting an advisor, but I don't think you need the actual multi-disc radio, I think you need the radio with CONTROLS for the add-on changer and then the changer is not useable after you install the adapter.  It looks to me like either this or this will work.

    Also - you may be confusing an FM transmitter (wireless), which is not good for sound quality, and a wired FM modulator which is generally good for sound quality.  This wired modulator should work with any stereo, and this one should do the job - although the last one won't charge the iPod or pass song data to the radio.

    Hope This Helps!!!


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