Retain Control on IPOD with J-Link and Jensen 1510?

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Retain Control on IPOD with J-Link and Jensen 1510?

  • I'm happy with the way the Peripherals 541PXDP (with Dodge factory radio) allows the controls on the IPOD to remain active for song selection in conjunction with the vehicle radio controls for volume and skipping a track.


    I wish the Jensen 1510 with J-link cable allowed a similar method of operation.  When plugged into the Jensen setup, the IPOD controls are locked.  The display on the Jensen head unit is not very convenient for selecting from the large number of songs on the IPOD.  The head unit buttons are not nearly as effective as the click wheel contols.


    I can sometimes regain control of the IPOD by connecting to the JLink cable then doing a hard reset by pressing center and menu.  Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't.


    Is there an official method for retaining control on the IPOD.  A setting on either the head unit or IPOD? A different cable?  Clipping a wire or two in the JLINK cable to disable control?

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  • Not that I know of.

    You could always just use a mini-jack cable to connect the iPod to the front AUX port, but you would lose a bit of sound quality.  Otherwise, I know Pioneer and JVC head units allow you to select from either the HU or the iPod, but you probably don't want to swap HU's.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    Anyone else have suggestions?

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