Cassette Adapter for iPod Photo Worked Great

  • Maxell CD-330. Pushed it into the cassette player, plugged the cable into the iPod headphone jack. Worked.

    Far superior to FM Modulators. 

    Not as good as USB in types, but when you have no direct-in and don't want to go aftermarket stereo - it's pretty good. Volume better than modulators, hear more of the music - better fidelity, less compression.


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  • Glad you're happy with the cassette option. Not a bad way to go when a cassette player is present. Cheap, easy, effective.
  • yeah - I didn't want to change my 2001 Mercedes stereo from the factory version. So I'm happy. Heck, with the top down at 70 mph, who could tell 0.25% distortion from .08%?