Iphone 3gs Eclipse 5500 IPC-106

  • Today I just had an Ipc-106 installed with my eclipse 5500 so i could connect my iphone 3gs to play music, The problem is navigating around my music. The eclispse will only play about the first 50 songs that are in alphabetical order. In addition, if i want to play a specific album i have to unhook my iphone and look for the album, play it and then hook it back to my eclipse. Does any have a solution to this? By the way, im playing my music through the sirus menu.

    [edited by: Ryan at 4:03 PM (GMT -5) on Sat, Mar 6 2010]
  • In looking at what we have on the unit, the only thing I can see as a cause would be if you have the switches on the IPC-106 in the wrong position. They should be as follows.

    Switch 1 - A
    Switch 2 - B

    Make sure you unplug the IPC-106 before making the change or the settings won't register.