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Just installed a CLARION CZ200 Head Unit in a 97 Mercedes.  When it works, it works perfectly.  Really nice unit. 

Here's the question:

Anyone know how to get my IPHONE 3G and the Clarion to connect more reliably?  I get ERROR 3 on the head unit about 75% of the time when I plug my IPHONE 3G into the USB jack.  I'm using a stock Apple white Iphone cable for connection to the Clarion USB port. 

When it works, it's flawless.  No disconnects, no major lag, sounds great.  Can't figure it out. 

The Clarion website isn't very useful for this.  They mention Error 3 in the context of CD read errors. 

Any help appreciated.  It's driving me batty!Angry


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  • Does it do this with other iPods? The iPhone should be compatible and I can only recommend "Restoring" and then "Re-synching" everything to the phone. I have seen this correct a lot fo connection problems between iPods/iPhones and receivers.


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  • Does it do this with other iPods? The iPhone should be compatible and I can only recommend "Restoring" and then "Re-synching" everything to the phone. I have seen this correct a lot fo connection problems between iPods/iPhones and receivers.


  • Shawn,

    This is not an iPhone issue - it's a host issue related to the authentication of the CZ200 with the iPhone.  I've seen errors from "this device is not supported" (i.e. iPhone rejects it) to just moments later "this device is not compatible with iPhone" which merely pops up the "turn airplane mode on" dialogue box.  In my less than one-day experience I've had the CZ200 work flawlessly three times with 'Error 3' coming up literally a couple of dozen times.  

    The service I've received from Crutchfield is top-notch, but if the CZ200 (which I purchased specifically because of the iPhone "compatibility") continues to show this glitch it will be going back.  Clarion needs to address this.  

  • Original poster here.  Still having problems after a restore and resync.  No problems with this IPhone when connecting to a USA SPEC interface in another car.  Definitely something the Clarion doesn't like about my Iphone.  I haven't tried to systematically remove apps to see if it's an app that is doing something weird.  I tried an IPOD that I had lying around and it connected.  BUT, I didn't try the Ipod over and over enough to say it would work without error. Afterall, the Iphone connects every once in a while too.

    That said, I hate all this troubleshooting.  I wish it would just work.  It's a great head unit when it does connect.

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  • I am having the same issue.  Bought this head unit specifically for use with my iPhone and it won't work.  It has worked flawlessly exactly once (the first time).  Now it consistently disconnects and reconnects as if the USB is being unplugged and replugged.  It works with an iPod that I own, so it's not the cable.  I've ensured my iPhone firmware is up to the latest version.  No luck.  I'm now trying a restore/resync, but based on what I've read, that's not going to deal with this either.  Looks like this Clarion is going back.

  • It's starting to look like and iPhone compatibility problem. If other iPods work, that's all it can really be.


  • Well, I tried restoring and resyncing the phone, which worked at first.  I got a good four hours of music out of the iphone.  Then, the trouble started again, and it hasn't worked right since yesterday at noon.  I'm on a road trip and that was about 700 miles ago, so needless to say, this headunit doesn't work as described.  I also noticed, it pukes on itself when it comes to playing podcasts...it won't even show them on the menu and if you start one on the iPod so that it's the "currently playing" when you plug it in, you get "Error 3".

    Definitely an iPhone integration issue.

  • The work around I found was going to the podcast directly (before plugging it in) and then on those few times when it would work that would be the current track.  

    Given that I intended to use it to listen to my commute home podcasts that solution kinda sucked.  We have a rental car this week for a trip with the in-laws and the AUX in solution is working for us, albeit not as elegantly as integration would.  I think I'll revisit the solution with an AUX head unit.  Ultimately I'd get better audio quality and that's what I wanted to improve vs FM transmitters.  

  • Interesting - the one time I was able to get my iPhone connected, it was playing music and I switched to my podcats.  It ran happily through the podcast.  The next morning, it wouldn't connect at all.  Looks like this one should really be marked "incompatible" with the iPhones.

  • I'm having the same issue with my iPhone 3G but not with my iPod.    It'll detect it but then come up with the error 3.    Sometimes the phone will prompt me with the "this accessory is not supported" but will still charge.     Sometimes it'll work fine.   I'm going to try making sure the phone is playing tunes and then connect it to the Clarion just to see if it makes any difference.