Kenwood KVT-719DVD, ip300v, and Ipod Touch 32GB (3rd Gen)

  • I just got a brand new Ipod Touch 32GB (3rd Gen).  The video works on my Kenwood KVT-719DVD using the ip300v cable.

    I also have a brand new Ipod Nano (with FM Tuner and Video Camera) .. The video DOES NOT work on that device.

    Just FYI for anyone who might be wondering..

  • From what I can find, it seems that video should be supported from the Nano. Unlike the Touch however, the Nano does have a TV Out setting that can be turned off and would prevent you from seeing it on an external device. You would be able to play the file, there just wouldn't be any picture.

    You can find this under Video>Settings in the iPod menu.