iPhone 4 Compatible Earbuds w/ Mic

  • Have a few questions- Which are the best for the money? Prepared to spend $75-$150 Seems like the Klipsch are pretty good but do they all work with the new iPhone? Every pair seems to make a point of saying they are compatible with the 3G etc. but nothing about the 4? Does that just mean things havent been updated?

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  • No one has any advice?

  • Hey Graeme,

    I would recommend picking up the Klipsch S4i headphones. They will work with your iPhone 4 and they sound great. My wife actually owns a set.

    I hope that helps.

  • I bought the Klipsch headphones for my iPhone 3Gs. It appears they do work with the iPhone 4. You won't be disappointed with these. I bought them after the included headphones kept popping out of my ear and the sound they produced which I thought was great at one point began sounding worse.

    No regrets with the purchase. The only issue I have ever had with these is that you do need to take at least one ear bud out of your ear if you want to have a conversation with anyone as they pretty much cancel/mute out noise, even when there is no music playing. Also when using the microphone I tend to speak softer as I don't want to be loud and annoying, but sadly you do have to speak up as the headphones again mute the noise around you making it difficult to hear how loud you are really speaking. Otherwise the person on the other end of the phone call may not hear you clearly.

    Well worth the money in my opinion.

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