do you car charge your iphone or ipod touch?

  • How has the battery held up?

    I am thinking about getting a new radio with ipod connection and im trying to do some research the effects of the constant charging my ipod touch will endure while connected into a head unit through usb. Can anyone testify to never noticing any change in battery performance?

    Im a little extra concerned with the ipod touch battery life, since its a mini computer ill be using it more for other things. But it would regularly be plugged into the car for hour or two at a time.

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  • I have not noticed that much of a difference. Each time you recharge the battery, you do shorten the life of it. Most batteries including the battery in my 3rd gen iPod Nano ware out after a few years. I am to the point where I can charge it and it still works, but if I leave it for a while, the battery is dead. It can charge back up for a few hours of use and I never used that one in a car. Just as a player. Given that I used mine a lot, I would imagine I did just about as much charging with it as someone who uses it in a car. That being said, I would guess you get 2-3 years of decent use out of the 1 battery.

    As for the repeated charging, that should not be an issue. I connect mine to my computer and leave it for very long periods of time (sometimes overnight) and have still gotten the life I described above.

    Anyone have other thoughts?