High sound quality through portables?

  • So, I have recently caught audiophile fever and am looking to upgrade the quality of my portable audio situation. I have both and iPod 6th 80 gb classic and an HTC Evo. My current plan of attack is to switch over to the Evo as my portable player, instead of having the iPod as a dedicated device (seemingly redundant). (Side note: I would be buying an extra battery and a 32 gb micro sd card) Anywho, in regards to audio quality upgrade, I would be getting a pair of AKG K 142 HD headphones and NuForce Icon mobile headphone amp. I have several questions: Can the Evo play audio out of the micro usb port, and, if so, can i then take advantage of the Icon Mobile's DAC for even higher quality sound? Assuming all of this is possible, would a simple USB 2.0 female to micro USB male adapter work? (I am assuming they exist) I have heard mention of splitters for the micro USB port on HTC phones, allowing both charging and audio output.


    Any recommendations on hardware appreciated. 

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  • I'm not very familiar with any of the products.

    From what I can tell, though I DON'T think the NuForce Icon Mobile will allow you to bypass the DAC - I could be wrong, though.

    The phone may be able to be charged and transfer files digitally over USB - you could probably verify that by connecting it to a computer and seeing what it does.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    Anyone else have suggestions?



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  • Here is a list of portable players with S/PDIF outputs.


  • If I understood the thread and reply properly, MakNUT is not looking for a player that can output digitally, he is looking for an amplifier that can charge the EVO and read it's files digitally over USB.

    (But I am out of my area here ...)

    2002 Ford Focus JVC KD-A815 Sony CDX-GT410u Sony XT-100HD HD Tuner Stock speakers, no amp, no subs

  • Essentially yes, I'm wondering if there is a Line-out method for the Evo to get higher quality sound than out out of the headphone jack

  • Anytime that you use the headphone (line out) on a portable device, you rely on the DAC in the portable device. When you connect via USB, then that is not the case. You get to use the DAC in the receiver. However, noone makes a receiver for your phone just yet. You may consider getting Bluetooth if your phone has it as that will give better audio that the line output.