eReaders (nook,kobo, kindle) Purchase help

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eReaders (nook,kobo, kindle) Purchase help

  • Hey, i want to get an ereader for my mom.


    I want to know which of the 3 is the better choice.

    the main aspects i want to know are

    -selection of books

    -easiness of product


    -speed (i noticed sometimes the pages turn slower on some)

    -average price of books

    And any other knowledge you may know. The longer the review the better.


    help is much appreciated thanks!!


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  • Hey zoltman,

    We don't carry eReaders here at Crutchfield and I don’t have any personal experience with models you posted, so I'm afraid that I'm not going to be much help. You may want to track down an eReader forum or a retailer that carries those products so you can get an informed opinion.

    Anybody else have any opinions they'd like to share?

  • I'd go with the Kindle. Aside from the Kindle itself, they have a PC app, Android, and iPhone apps as well. YOu'd be able to read your books anywhere with a huge selection to choose from. As a matter of fact, I believe they just released another app for 'the cloud' a few days ago. I highly recommend the Kindle over the rest.