iPod/JBL MS-2

  • Has anyone bought the JBL MS-2 yet? I am thinking about getting one but I can't find any reviews about it.  I have been told that Crutchfiled has sold about 20 and none have come back, but I would like to here about it from someone that has used it.  Thanks for any feed back you can give.

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  • i aint add this into the situation

  • It's a new product, but it is covered by Crutchfield's satisfaction guarantee if you don't like it.

    More info about it here.


    • Pro's - Compact, fairly simple set-up and portable to use in various vehicles if desired.
    • Con's - Only affects sound output of the connected Ipod or similar MP3 player and then only using the AUX input, so can't take advantage of the HU DAC and also won't help FM, satellite radio, USB thumb drives, Audio CD's or DVD's, etc.
    • Auto-magic stuff that doesn't make sense to me - The Ipod is 2-channel stereo.  Most car audio is 4-channel stereo.  I understand how Factory System Enhancers (FSE) like the MS-8, Imprint, 3Sixty, etc. can sample the output from the speaker wires and time-delay the front signal relative to the rear so the sound reaches your ear at the same time.  I'm not sure how the MS-2 can filter the left channel input so the LR signal arrives at the same time as the LF?  It doesn't logically make sense to me, but I haven't seen or heard the unit either ...

    Hope This Helps!!!

    Anyone else have suggestions?

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