Send files to PC wirelessly

  • Okay guys so I have a question for you. There are about a million or so apps that you can use to sync files on your smartphone but they all (or at least the few I looked at) require you to be sitting at a computer to transfer the files. Is there an app that I can send a file to my PC at home from anywhere using either Wi-Fi or 4G connection? I know, I know, I'm a techie guy lol but I can't seem anything that does this and my mom, who just bought a smartphone, wants to know if she can do this. So I guess it's kind of like cloud storage but in my own cloud, on my PC.

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  • Just found this: 

    It would seem you'll still need to be near your computer (to "bump" the space bar) so it fails your "from anywhere" requirment, but at least it's something.