Best way to connect android smartphone to Kenwood DDX419

  • I drive a 2009 Mazda3 with a Kenwood DDX419 head unit installed. It was great with my iPhone by since switching over to android with my HTC One I've lost some of the functionality. If I stream my music over bluetooth I retain my steering wheel controls, eliminate a wire, and still get to see the track info on the display, but at the cost of audio quality. I remember that the DDX419 has a USB port on the back for the supplied Bluetooth dongle so I was wondering if 1) There exist high quality USB bluetooth adapters and 2) if I can swap it out with the stock adapter in my head unit without any compatibility issues. If not, do there exist any Android apps that can play audio through the 3.5mm jack but transmit playback information/control over bluetooth?

  • It is not compatible with Android.

    GLH Geeked

  • -.- I understand that Pandora and track information via USB won't display with Android. Did you even read my post?

  • 1)     AFAIK, the USB Bluetooth connection on the back of the Kenwood is proprietary and not compatible with any other Bluetooth USB dongle.

    Maybe other Android owners will chime in on your question regarding compatible Apps, but it would seem that outputting audio from the headphone jack with control/display offered simultaneously via Bluetooth would be a hardware capability and not an option enabled by software (Apps).