Reliable and Durable MP3 Player with Belt Clip

  • Does anyone know where I can find an MP3 player that is reliable, has a belt clip and will last awhile???? I have owned two SanDisk players. The first one died after a little more than a year with a failing headphone jack (a very common problem on these players). The second one went about 3 months and died completely so I just sent it back to Amazon. I would not mind the Apple Shuffle...however, it has no display so how do you find what you want to listen to? I just need an MP3 player that will attached to my shirt for workouts at the gym. It does not have to sound great (MP3 never does anyway) but it needs to last a year or so. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! Steve

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  • I hate that no one has a good recommendation for the MP3 player. For what it's worth, I went a different route. I got an armband holder for my phone. HTH!