Sorting Mp3's by folder

  • I bought a JVC KD-R775S and love it for the most part.  I was overjoyed when I discovered I could plug a flash drive into the USB jack and listen to all my Mp3s.

    Right now, I have a flash drive with my entire collection of Prince.  I have it sorted into folders by album with the date first:

    1980 - Dirty Mind

    1983 - 1999

    1984 - Purple Rain

    and so on.  But for some reason, the player will not play the folders in order.  It starts with 1998 - Crystal Ball, jumps to 1987 - City Lights, THEN Dirty Mind.  For the most part, the rest play in order.

    What am I missing?

  • It may be that the HU reads the drive in the order it was written to, though I "thought" JVC units went Alphabetically/chronological.

    Perhaps a long workaround, but DriveSort may be of help.

  • Tried that.  Formatted the drive, made new folders in the order I wanted them played, transferred all the files back in in order.  Nothing changed.

  • Make sure you don't have an errant space or lack of a space between characters. For example:

    1980- Dirty Mind will sort differently than 1980 - Dirty Mind

    Sometimes there are also hidden ascii characters in file names that will cause weird sorts. For example if you make a mistake and backspace an invisible "bs" (no quotes, just did that for clarity) will be inserted and while you can't see it, it doesn't display anywhere, it can still affect sorting if the sorting software isn't written to ignore things like that.

  • Tried that.  I deleted all the folders, remade them from scratch in the order I wanted them to play, and re transferred the files.  They still play in the same non numerical order.

  • If I rename them alphanetically-- aa, ab, ac, etc-- they play in order, but then some of the tracks (which are all numeric, 01 02 03 etc) play out of order.