Installed: USA SPEC iPod Adaptor!

  • Well, my wife asked if I would go ahead and put the iPod adaptor in her Sebring so it didn't actually make it into my Jeep but at least it is finally installed.  I agreed it should go in her car since we're taking a road trip this fall and that makes one less thing to hook up to the powerpoint, plus her car rides 100% better than my Jeep.  The unopened box has been sitting in my computer room since this past winter and after installing it this weekend I don't know what I was waiting for.  

    A few of the high points:

    1) The installation was a breeze - just feeding wire and connecting 2 wires!

    2) The sound & control of my antique iPod is incredible.

    3) You can't even tell it's there!


    I think the hardest part of the whole installation was actually removing the factory radio.  Man, that thing was squeezed into its opeing!  After that, I took off the glove box for better access to the centerstack of the insturment panel and mounted the unit.  I routed the iPod wire through the center console and out near the passenger seat so that the device is easy to reach and won't increase the 'distracted driver' factor.  The total installation time was maybe 1 hour and that included the necessary trip to the hardware store for some BSR tape.

    As far as settings:  I've got the adaptor setup to direct play what is on the iPod.  This way I can control the songs with the factory radio controls or I can use the iPod directly to change songs, playlists and such.  It works great and there is no need for me to ever worry about finding an empty radio station ever again!  (Yes - I need to order another one for my Jeep now)



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  • Great Story srothfuss. Hopefully your experience will convince other people to give these interfaces a chance. I see you went with the USA Spec model. I really like these units for their performance and simple installation. The coolest feature of these adapters, IMO, is the additional auxiliary input. With one installation, you have full iPod integration AND the ability to connect other external audio sources. That's a lot of connectivity for a factory stereo.

    I installed the same model in my wife's 2005 Jeep Liberty and, while she uses it very little, I take full advantage when I'm in the driver's seat. I directly connect my iPod and an XM Myfi and get full frequency playback from both devices with this adapter.

    It's a great product that gets little recognition.

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  • First post here - hope it is ok to jump in on this one. I bought the USA SPEC PA-11 (GM) here online at Crutchfield,  to use in a 2004 Chevy Impala with factory XM radio.  I didn't trust myself so I took it to a local Circuit City to be installed.  I brought my own RCA to mini-jack cable and told him that besides the Ipod connection, I wanted to have the Aux available also.  He finished up and did a fine job, I thought, since XM 1 was the IPOD and XM 2 gave me the XM radio.  I'm perfectly happy with the IPOD connection, and I can even controll it by the buttons on the steering wheel!  But...

    Before I left, I asked about the AUX and what would I have to do to use that. He said something along the line of AUX using the same thing as the IPOD connector. I assumed this just meant it would be on XM1 band like the IPOD connection.  But it has never worked and I started to think that the dip switch needed to activate the AUX (#1) was never flipped, and so the USASPEC PA-11 gadget, is not set up to use the AUX.  Either that, or there is something I'm not doing right. 

    And, of course, the installer meant to be helpful by hiding the gadget behind the dash, somewhere near the XM radio.  I have tried every angle of getting to it without removing the dash, but no luck.  Any advice? 

    Of course, I could go back and say, "hey - I was here in October '07 and had this I don't have the receipt, but could you take off the dashboard and flip dipswitch #1? 


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  • I've never activated my "Aux" inputs on the iPod adaptor that I installed either.  However, I want to say that it's never too late to go ask for some assistance from the place where you had it installed.  Typically the car audio guys are very friendly and go above and beyond (if they are not busy at the moment)

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  • I am looking to install this same device on my 2005 Jeep Liberty. I really want to do it by myself, but I have never changed anything besides an air filter on any car. Is this something I can do by myself? Are the directions pretty easy to follow?

  • The liberty is really easy to work on.

    There's a screw down by the power point (on the center bezel) that you need to remove first.

    Then you can unsnap the center bezel, starting from the bottom and working your way to the top.

    Unhook the HVAC harness and vacuum lines and then set the bezel aside.

    Use a phillips screwdriver and remove the radio.

    Then install the adaptor and reinstall everything.

    Currently working on my MBA program.  I hope to return sometime in December 2010. 

  • Is anyone familiar with the location of the XM Sat Tuner in the '06 Cad SRX? and if so, how to get to it?

    Also can both the Aux input as well as the Ipod input be available at the same time on the USA Spec adaptor?

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