A 9/11 Shopping Experience

  • We are part-time residents of Ontario and part-time residents of Florida. We moved from our winter home in Florida to our summer home in Ontario this week. Because the car was full, we elected to order a new TV from Crutchfield and have it delivered to a receiving depot in Ogdensburg NY that is frequently used by Ontario residents seeking bargains from US retailers.  We would pick it up before we crossed from NY to ON.  I placed the order on Apr 26 with the understanding that I would pick it up on May 3 as we passed through Ogdensburg.  Simple, right???  Wrong !!!!

    On the order screen, I truthfully indicated that the billing address for my US Visa card was in Florida and I truthfully stated that the item was to be delivered to Ogdenburg.  I checked my Wells Fargo account and saw that the funds were available and being held.  I received a call from Maya in Crutchfield's "customer service".  She stated that Crutchfield had policies that prevented them from shipping to a receiving bureau (allegedly because they were afraid that they would not receive their money even though the funds were being held for them by Wells Fargo).  She offered a wire transfer option with longer timelines and higher costs and she offered the option of payment through a Canadian bank with their punishing currency conversion charges.  She also offered the option of shipping the TV to Florida even though we had already left for the summer with a full car.  I was dumbfounded.  I still can't understand why the order could be processed using wired money or a gift card but not with secured funds being held for Crutchfield by a trusted US banking institution. Shock and awe.

  • I am sure there are some laws that Crutchfield is smart not to break or 'skirt'.

    GLH Geeked

  • I’ve touched base with our Canada and International team, and it seems that we’ve offered a couple of options for payment. While we would love to have your business, we do have specific protocols in place to help protect our customers and our business.

    If you would like to pursue one of the alternate payment options please let our team know.