Forums seem dead...

  • Since the update the forums seem less active. Is this just me or do others notice it? If you haven't been as active is it because of the update? I know pretty lame conversation but since the forums are dead I'm bored lol.

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  • Seems that way to me also. Probably noone can figger this *** out !

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  • I noticed it also.  Some reasons I can think of:

    Personally - RL has been really busy lately.

    With the new forum software, I can't use my preferred browser and use Rich Formatting - so I either post basic text or have to use a different browser.  That's not most people's issue, I'm sure though.

    I no longer have a convenient way to view all of my posts (threads I replied to) or unread posts.  The best I can do is just look at recent activity for the past few days - b/c of that, I'm glad things have slowed down, but that's probably not everyone else's issue.

    The main cause I think is that the forums were offline for a few hours on separate days during the upgrade.  I suspect a fair number of people saw that they were gone and haven't bothered checking back that they'd returned.

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