Best way to transfer a 10,000 LP collection to computer files

  • I am to embark in a project to transfer my jazz LP's collection to my computer.

    I know, I am retired.

    Fundamentally, I wish to preserve the best possible sound quality, regardless of time required or the size of the files; I would store in as many external drives as needed. If I have to go from LP's to CD first, so be it.

    I am not well informed about the music formats out there. I have seen iTune and I like the functionality, but my problem is that it does not provide space to list the personnel in the records and many sidemen, let's say a bass player, will have few albums under his name while being recorded in many sessions. If I were interested in researching his music, I would have to search all records individually.

    Besides, how could I be able to incorporate other pertinent information such as liners notes, record company, release date, album number, etc.

    I would prefer an Apple computer, but if I have to buy a PC, I will buy one. So, please include which computer requirements will be needed.

  • There is a turntable available with USB input so to save music files to your computer. I think I swaw it at bestbuy and it was expensive.

    GLH Geeked

  • If you are interested primarily in quality you will need to use a lossless compression format such as flac (my choice) or no compression at all.

    For what you want to do, your best solution would be to build a dedicated computer for the task, install a Linux operating system and use Audacity to rip your files. There will be a learning curve, but the results will be stellar.

    I use a Rega turntable, an NAD phono preamp, Ubuntu/Audacity and rip to flac.

    If you are interested in going this route, let me know and I can give you some more specific guidance.