Heavy bass songs?

  • I know Bass I Love you is pretty popular for showing off subwoofers and stuff, but i want something different, one song that hits low and hard is called Drop Bombs by Ben Samples.   Are there any other songs out there that like to go low and show off?  ( my buddies are bassheads, but they run crappy stuff like sony subs and hifonics amps,  i like to surprise them Smile )

  • super freak- young jeezy

  • some newer Lenny Kravitz tracks have wonderful bass lines

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  • Hypnotize by Young Jeezy hits low and hard.

  • New Speed Demon (Michael Jackson) remix by Nevo

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  • MJ's songs in general have a surprising amount of bass, can't say as I've ever heard the remix to which you speak though.

  • it's on the Bad 25th Anniversary collection. Also, all over the internet.

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  • Cool, I might have to look into it. Wasn't sure/didn't think it was going to be an original MJ song, but instead a remix made by a fan or something. Guess I don't know who Nevo is in the music industry.

  • www.youtube.com/watch

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  • I don't know who it is either, just is on the new anniversary CD. The utube video doesn't contain as low or loud bass as the CD or especially the way it converted to my iTunes and my iPod and plays in my truck.

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  • I think my mother has the album, but I'll have to ask. Anyways, that remix is vastly different from the original I'm more familiar with, has more of a techno vibe to it. Does seem like there's A LOT more low end in it thatthe original.

    As for youtube, who knows what quality it was uploaded at and most of us don't have quality speaker systems wired to our computers. What format did you put it in on your iPod and at what bit rate? I know you've got a Pioneer HU, does it bypass the iPod's DAC?

  • 320 kbps. Yes, it only uses the iPod for source signal when you set the head as control.

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