• My rant about poor customer relations

    I purchased a Sony car receiver from Crutchfield a year ago. It went totally dead before the warranty ran out. Crutch field pointed me to Sony for resolution. (They told me Sony wants to do their own repair/resolution). So now I'm on my own. Crutchfield essentially washed their hands on this. Sent the unit to Sony. After many calls they did acknowledge the unit was DOA. After many calls, they now offer me a different unit because they no longer make my unit. Fine. But after waiting another 14 days I call and find it was sent to the wrong address. Now they want to go back to Fedx, have them retrieve it and send it to me. At this point, who knows when I'll get a unit. And when calling Crutchfield to voice my displeasure and frustration I get a sorry but our hands are tied. Why buy it at Cruchfield then?

  • Sorry for the late reply, but I wanted to get the full story from our Support teams on this. I’m sorry the receiver ended up having issues and that warranty service was necessary. Where we’re an authorized dealer, you always have the warranty to fall back on, and in the very least I’m glad Sony has decided to replace the product with something newer. Generally, a warranty entails simply a repair of the defective item in question.

    We need to let Sony resolve the complication with your replacement’s delivery. They’ll definitely get you taken care of. Hopefully, that doesn’t take very long and once it’s complete you should have replacement in good hands.