Please Help with Wiring!

  • This is currently how my set up is but I am getting no power.I have a 0 gauge wire running from my battery to my trunk and it goes into a power block. one output on the power block is I believe is 6 or 8 gauge and is connected to  the mono amp. The other output is a 0 gauge and is connected to the capacitor and an another 6 or 8 power cable gauge runs from the capacitor to the 4 channel amp. The capacitor has a 0 gauge wire grounded. the 2 amps run a ground cable to a ground block which is grounded to where the capacitor grounded.

    Does everything sound alright? I am not getting any power am I missing something?  Both amps have fuses and are fine. The power cable running from the battery to the power block has a 150Amp  fuse which is fine.

  • These are the models I'm using:

    Power Acoustik BAMF-4000/1D

    Lanzar VIBE442N

    Boss CAP4C

  • Wait, what? You have 0GA running to a (Fused?) block and then 6GA or 8GA running to the Mono and 4-channel amp?

    Those amplifiers should have heavier than 8GA for sure, I'd run no less than 4 GA to each. And while the Power CAP manual may say not to fuse between it and the amplifier, if you are running smaller gauge wire then the initial run, then you really should fuse to protect the smaller wire.

    Not sure if you wired up the remote wire to the CAP, but that wouldn't cause the no power issue to both amps.

    Really wonder how your ground connections and location happen to be, should have a solid connection to a bare metal surface of the car with a direct connection back to the chassis ground.

    Also no idea what you have taped into for your remote wire to each of the amplifiers.