Budget Scion TC Car Audio Upgrade.

  • Okay so i have a 2005 Scion Tc, the audio is pure garbage. I like Deep bass but with the stock stereo reciever and speakers i don't have that. Okay so I'm trying to decide between the Alpine:CDE-143BT, KenwoodKDC-HD458U, Pioneer:DEH-X4700BT, and JVC:KDR660. I Know i need a subwoofer and amp for sure but after i install a head unit and the sub ill decide if i want to replace the speakers too. Help me upgrade my car audio. Give opinions. Other options. What subwoofers and amps go together,Etc...

  • As far as the HU, what's your budget? What all features do you need? Features you want? Features you don't want?

    Personally, I've not been a fan of Kenwood or JVC due to poor longevity and horrible user interface, which now they have merged. So, I half expected the issues from both to appear in each other. Yeah, I'm not too fond of either, so I'm quite bias against them. LOL

    Still, some users have faired quite well and have grown to love each brand.

    As for the subwoofer setup, again, budget? What's your music preference? Desired results from the subwoofer setup? Room willing to devote to subwoofer setup?

    And any other information you feel may be of help in narrowing your decision.