On Star Microphone

  • I have a 2002 Silverado which came with the factory installed On Star analog system which is obsolete and doesn't work any more. I am replacing the factory radio with a Pioneer AVIC-5100NEX and would like to use the On Star mic instead of the one that comes with the radio. Can I just splice the On Star mic wire to the lead for the Pioneer mic.

  • Many of times, the mics for aftermarket radios have a proprietary plug, it's not just a standard wire in the harness you can easily cut and splice.

    If you were quite the handy man and very good with electronics and wiring, chances are you could in fact splice the OEM mic onto the wire from the aftermarket HU.

    Tell me, have you ever repaired/replaced headphone wires? That's what you'll be dealing with. Both the positive and ground are in the same run of wire, it's very small gauge wire and definitely not something "I'd" want to tackle. Chances are, you'd have to tear apart the housing for the OEM mic and unsolder the connections, then do the same with the aftermarket and swap the wiring.

    Then, even if one did manage to do such, there's no guarantee it would work as well with the aftermarket HU as it did with the OEM system.

  • Thank you very much for your reply. You successfully discouraged me. I will try the next best thing which is to locate the new mic in the same location where the original is which is on the side of the headliner console. Just out of curiosity, I am going to cut the On Star mic wire to see what it looks like. I will also open up the mike to se what the connections look like. Don't plan to do this kind of dissection with the new mic.