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     We are building a new metal office building here, and I was curious if there are any AM/FM signal repeaters.  My thought is to have an external antenna on the building that would rebroadcast the signal inside so office staff could listen to their radios.   I have found several kits like this for cell phone coverage, but does anything exist for AM/FM radio?  Any help would be appreciated.





  • I don't know if such a creature exists, and if it does I bet it's expensive.  Rebroadcasting one FM station can be done, but the FCC has limits on what FM transmitters can be used without a license.  I'm not sure if you can get a transmitter with enough power to cover your entire office without bumping into that limit.

    Rebroadcasting the entire FM band, so that your people can tune to whatever station they wish - is another matter entirely.  I have no idea if that's possible but as I've said it can't be cheap.

    What you might want to do is put an FM antenna outside, and run shielded wires to various parts of the office.  Your people with accessible antennas could (probably) literally wrap the conductor around their antenna and pick up a signal.  If the signal is weak you could pick up a signal booster.

  • Thank you very much JerSully, that's what I was thinking being it was so difficult to find info on such a setup.  Appreciate the response!
  • What you are looking for is a wideband 88 to 108 MHz amplifier/transmitter...not too tough a nut to crack. I'd recommend getting in touch with your local amateur radio club, or maybe the local electronics school (if you can find one). I'll bet you'll find someone who will build you one for a pizza and the cost of the parts.

    You're on your own with the FCC issues.

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  • what need is this device:

    and here is the application document:

    hope this solves your problem.

  • That system is out of Australia and it looks like it's probably about $15,000 - if not more.


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  • I just tonight returned home from conducting an RF test on two tunnels. What you need is much simpler than what it takes to provide communications through tunnels. I could tell you why, but then I'd have to kill you Wink



  • I think you might be looking for a simple repeater such as one used for cell phone reception. I, too, am interested in such an animal, if it exists. I live in a concrete apartment building and I would like to repeat fm signals from the south side of my building for my receiver that is in my north facing living room.