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    I'm shopping for a GPS unit.  I want one that I can use in our cars, but also put it in my jacket pocket and  take it snowmobiling.  90% of the time it'll be in cars, so I'd like one of the portables, rather than handheld.  Also one of our cars is a Jeep and we'd use it for off-road/back road adventures.  I've seen online that many snowmobile trail maps are becoming available for download, so I'd want a unit that is capable of that.    I'd also like the ability to plug in to a laptop so I can see where we've been.

    Is there one unit that will do all this or am I better off buying two cheaper ones?



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  • I hadn't heard of snowmobile trail maps for GPS, but a quick Google search shows them for Garmin, Magellan, and Lowrance.

    My wife has and likes the Garmin in her car, and this thread mentions Garmin and Magellan highly, so I would probably look at those two brands.

    Is there one unit that will do all this or am I better off buying two cheaper ones?

    That is going to be tough to answer - I think you shouldn't have any problem finding a single unit that will do all you need.  That said, even the inexpensive ones are pretty nice, so if you think you might be snowmobiling and your wife would want to take the jeep to the store and needs to find her way back, you might want two inexpensive ones, or maybe one nice one and then an inexpensive one just as a backup when the other person is using the nice one.

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  • I haven't looked at GPS units in two years, but Garmin and TomTom (to a lesser extent) would be my choices based on my possibly outdated experiences.

    Haven't had any firsthand experience with with snowmobile maps, but Garmin seems to have the best user interface and accurate maps. (Last time I checked, Magellan struggled with finding nearby POIs and had some interesting routing.) TomTom units are nice, and often have more features at lower price points than Garmin, but I personally wasn't a big fan of the UI.

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