OnStar FMV installation question

  • I'm looking to maybe get the new OnStar FMV for my wife's vehicle. How involved is the installation for this? I have put in several car receivers myself & would be willing to maybe tackle this if possible, but wasn't sure what is needed. I would be willing to get professional installation if needed, but just wanted to find out some info first & see if this is something I could maybe tackle myself.

    A few other questions too;

    • once installed, can the base unit then easily be removed if needed (due to selling the car and/or its totaled in an accident)
    • Does this model/unit have some sort of feature where they can unlock the car if needed (due to locking keys in car).


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    JVC KD-AR880 w/ JVC-SIR1 SIRIUS radio tuner, KS-BTA200 bluetooth adapter, CH-X1500 12-disc changer, full PAC steering wheel controls, Polk db6500 (front component) & db650 (rear) speakers. A Profile AP1040 Amp to make it all Rock

  • While the FMV installation is rather simple, we’ll need the year, make, and model of your vehicle to see if there are any specific mounting brackets that are recommended for your application.


    We’ll also need to know if the factory rear-view mirror has any type of harness or electrical connection (for built-in Bluetooth mic, Security System, Dimmer, Map Light, etc).


    You will also need to be sure that you do not have any type of metallic tint on the front windshield as that will impede the satellite signal.


    I can tell you that while the factory OnStar systems are integrated with the power door locks, the FMV will not be, so the remote unlocking of your doors will not be supported by this product. I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you there.


    In most cases, the factory rear view mirror can be re-installed if you want to remove the FMV.


    I hope that helps.