• Hi all, 

    I am new to the tablet world and looking for a suggestion on whether a tablet would be the way to go. I am looking for something so I can stream live TV from the internet but I would need to be able to download Flash Player in order to get the stream that I am looking for. Would a tablet be the least expensive way to go. The only computer I have is a work computer which I cannot download any programs on. If a tablet is the way to go then which one would you suggest. 


  • Live TV is tricky as most broadcasters have licensing agreements with specific providers. Meaning, you would have to subscribe to their standard TV service in order to get access to live streaming on a computer or tablet. For example: ESPN & NBCSports offer live broadcasts of certain events provided you get their channels through a cable or satellite provider. You can download their free applications on almost any tablet, but you’ll need to sign-in with your provider, and your user name & password that you’ve registered with that provider.

    Hulu Plus offers a wealth of TV shows & content, but they require a monthly subscription for tablets or portable devices and, as far as I know, do not offer any live content.

    Tablets are certainly convenient, but you would need to be sure there is a compatible application for your desired content and that you meet the requirements to gain access to the live broadcasts on the device.

    I hope that helps.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?