Yamaha 5 cd Changer

  • I am so impressed with your service. I had knee surgery and my son came from Anchorage, (I live in Bellingham WA), to help me. I ordered the 5 disk cd changer, and it was supposed to be delivered 12/27, but arrived 12/24!!!  My son is capable of hooking this thing up for me before he goes back to Anchorage, and it was a whhhhooooppeeee event when I found the delivery on the landing!!!  What a wonderful Christmas gift.  I am an 85 year old female, living alone, and I will be able to listen to my favorite CD's.  Thank you Crutchfield!!!!  You are phenomenal!  You made my Christmas.  All my family is in Anchorage, so it is just son Jeff and me, and we'll have fun Christmas day making it all work.

  • You’re very welcome. I’m glad to hear your delivery arrived ahead of time and helped to make the holiday even merrier!

    Thanks for your kind words and please let us know whenever you need anything else!

    Happy New Year!