subs and amps.

  • ok so I just bought a kicker comp rated at 50-150 rms and 300 watts max power. the amp I have is a sony xplod 1000 watt amp with a 400 rms rate. in order to get decent bass I have to turn down the dial on the amp to just between 4-0.3v. the last sub I had was rated at 1300 watt max power and it was pioneer but when I did the same to it the thing started smoking. whats going on and will my kicker be fine?

  • RMS power is the only power rating one should be concerned with and match up.

    The Sub is rated at 150RMS, but without the model number, I have no idea if it's Single Voice Coil or Dual Voice Coil, nor what impedance the coil(s) present.

    Similar can be said of the amplifier. Without the model number, I know not if it's a mono, 2-channel, 4-channel, Class AB, Class D, fuse rating, etc etc.

    So, if you'd be so kind as to list the model numbers of the sub, amplifier, and any other aftermarket gear, such as the stereo, I'd appreciate it. Also, the Year/Make/Model of the vehicle and the style of enclosure as well as it's size and tuning frequency (if applicable).