New Car sound system with questions!

  • I recently had just install a new head unit to my truck. I used a adapter to retain the factory amp in the truck. I wasn't satisfied with the sound quality so now I want to install a new amp and speaker.

    Do I still need the adapter or can i just buy a regular wiring harness instead?

    Also do i have to remove the factory amp?


  • What is the year/make/model of this vehicle?

    One won't need to remove the OEM amplifier, it can be left in the vehicle as dead weight (probably a couple pounds or less). Still, one would probably want to get to the amp and unplug any wiring to it (no need for it to be powering up if not being used).

  • It's a 2006 Toyota Tundra

  • Looks like the truck's OEM amp has speaker level inputs and so the preamp outputs of your HU should be open to run RCA's to any amplifier's you install. That said, "I'd" continue to use the wiring harness you have, as there's no need to buy a different harness and rewire the HU back into the truck again. You can co in and cut the speaker wires from the HU to the current aftermarket harness and cap them off if need be, or if you need to wire in an LOC you could do so.

  • But I am able to change the wiring harness because its a mess in the back, even with zip ties. I'd just shouldn't connect the speaker wires.

  • You might, but the wiring harness/adapter you used may have allowed you to retain various features, like steering wheel controls.

    Without looking into things further, I can't really say for sure.

    Biggest concern is if the factory wiring plug differs between those with the JBL system, premuim non-JBL system, and standard system.

  • What harness and adapters are you currently using the the truck?

  • Axxess TYTO-01

  • Also the wring harness are the same for every  Toyota vehicle. There is an another harness but that only for the back speaker connections. I'll only connect the wires I need