Correct system setup

  • Would a amp that's too powerful for the subs cause the amp to overheat?  My setup 2 Sundown Audio SA12s hooked to a 4000 watt planet audio d class mono block

  • An amplifier capable of more power than a driver is capable of handling will NOT cause the amp to overheat. However, it could cause the drivers to be short lived.

    Now in your situation, your amplifier is not likely to give those subs more power than they can handle, as you suspect. Planet audio tends to over rates their amplifiers.

    Not sure what amplifier you have, but based on what you said, I'll ASSuME it's a Planet Audio AC4000.1D.

    Your subs are rated at what,, 600RMS or 750RMS (if they are the newest from the look of it). So, that's 1200 or 1500RMS.

    The amplifier I suspect you have (I'd need clarification though) is "rated" at 2800RMS@1 ohm. However, it hasn't but 120AMPS of one board fusing. I'd suspect it'd be lucky to produce 1500RMS@1 ohm, truth be told. And that's if you're able to maintain proper voltage 14.4V) to the amplifier.

    If the amp is overheating, then chances are it's either got the gain set too high, you've got some excessive boosting going on, inadequate ventilation, insufficient voltage to the amplifier, poor ground, or somehow are presenting a lower load to the amp than it's capable of handling.

    Now, neither of these are 4K amplifiers from Planet Audio. One is a 3K and one is a 5K, so one could expect to get something in between what these to can do from your amp.

    As you can see, neither come close to rated power, the 3K only does 472RMS@1 ohm on music and the 5K only does 1334RMS@1 ohm.

    Based on the 3K having 60AMPS of fusing and the 5K supposed to be fused for 200AMPS, that puts both of them around 50% efficient, which means roughly half the amperage/power they are consuming to produce their output is being converted to heat, so yeah, they're already going to be fairly warm running amplifiers.

    Based on the output measure from those two, one might expect around 800RMS@1 ohm from the 4K model.

    Sorry, I know what's not what you want to hear.