What media provides surround sound?

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This is probably WAY basic to most of you but can you tell me what media provides surround sound?

I know Blu-ray movies do but what about over-the-air TV and radio, music CD's and other sources? My grandson has a PS4 at our house and I was expecting some great surround sound effects out of it but so far no go.

I'm just getting back into good sound and don't quite know when to expect surround sound and so ask... no... beg for your help and knowledge.

Thanks and be well.

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  • Audio on music CD's is recorded in stereo (2 channels), so it'd be left to your HTS to produce surround sound via settings.

    I'm not sure if "over-the-air" channels support surround sound or if it's something cable and satellite offer, as I've watch many movies on cable that were being transmitted in Dolby 5.1.  

    Radio, at least standard AM/FM are transmitted in stereo. HD radio on the other hand, I don't know, but have my doubts. A quick google search should let you find out.

    Also, as far as the PS4 goes, it will depend on the connections and settings. Are you using HDMI or optical for the audio output signal? Last I knew, the optical out only supported stereo if PCM is the setting.

    Speaking of which,  there's the settings. You can choose Linear PCM (the default setting) or Bitstream in either (Dolby) or (DTS). If using Optical, switch to one of the Bitstream settings.

  • That's a good start for sure.

    Thanks Weigel21