Alpine IDA-X100 w/ KCA-100 & SC-C1 Sirius skipping...

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Alpine IDA-X100 w/ KCA-100 & SC-C1 Sirius skipping...

  • Hi guys,


    I've had my Alpine IDA-X100 for a little over two years and have had quite good use out of it. Last year I decided it was time to get Sirius so I installed the KCA-100 and SC-C1. Since September 2010 I have had nothing but good luck. Occasionally had to remove the fuse to "refresh" Sirius, when it did not show up as a source (this only happened in the wintertime). But otherwise nice and clear signal...

    Well, recently I have noticed that every 30s to 1 minute the radio hiccups, or skips very briefly. Sometimes barely noticeable, but still. I commute 35 miles each way and never had any problems like this before. I naturally thought it was trees and the leaves (it being closer to summertime), but the radio skips even if in WIDE open field. And when stationary in an open area... Hence it tells me there is something else than just a bad/obstructed signal.

    I cleaned the connections with an alcohol swab, checked cabling, removed fuse, and all looks to be ok. Am I missing something? Perhaps I need to reset the IDA as maybe some buffers are getting "tired" ?

    Any idea? Maybe it's just a "seasonal" thing, but I hope not.


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  • When it "hiccups" are you seeing any message associated with it like "No signal" or anything else?

    I've got factory Sirius and have also noticed something similar once in awhile lately and I'm not sure if it's related to their channel change over or something else.

    Has anyone else noticed anything lately?


  • I just had a Sony deck put in my Saab & was psyched to finally be able to hook my Sirius receiver directly into an aux jack (as opposed to hooking into the antenna in back). But mine is skipping,'s driving me nuts. I've had Sirius for almost 6 years and have never had this problem. Wish I had an answer, but thought I'd weigh in anyhow just to let you know you aren't the only one.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

  • I am not seeing any "No Signal" messages. My Alpine though does not do a very good job with displaying something like signal strength. So I guess it either works, or does not. But recently it has been working on some days then being a nuisance during other days. So I am really tempted to say that it is something environmental. Perhaps the high humidity, heat, or something (driving on the eastern shore in MD and DE)...

    I was "hoping" to get someone else chime in on the clarity and issues with the reception. I have only had the radio for a little over 9 months now and have actually no means of comparing one summer with another summer. As I never had it running in the summertime yet...

    Just about two days ago the radio did not just "hiccup", but seriously cramped up a few times for a second or two. Whereas today (not having touched the anything since) it worked quite well... So I still have no real understanding of the problem.

  • I haven't noticed the hiccup in awhile so I'm not sure if it was environmental or if there was something happening on the Sirius' side. It seems to have cleared up for me though.


  • I seem to remember watching a show that talked about how our sun was entering an active phase for solar flares and that it could cause disruptions in wireless signals. I have noticed that on some days, I drop phone calls left and right, while others (in the same location) I have no interruptions. I don't have satellite radio but if the satellites were getting hit with the bursts or the signals were, then that could cause the issue. Especially since a non-direct connect (aux audio cable) application is having the same issues.