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xm antenna question

  • I have a 2007 GMC Sierra with built in XM Radio. I am installing a AVIC-Z2 unit. my question is does anyone know if i can use my existing antenna. I don't want to use the one that comes with the xm module that works with the new avicz2.. I have looked for an adapter and I am not finding anything.  thanks for any info you can provide.

  • I have yet to see an adapter or a viable way of using the factory XM antenna in any vehicle. The factory antenna uses a proprietary connection that won't fit an aftermarket piece.


  • thanks for the input. some other people have evidently been able to use it though. i haven't tried it yet. I found this thread:


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  • yes, stryper, it is possible, and people do it all the time, even cross breading them from XM>Sirius and Sirius>XM, depending on what make/model/year vehicle you are adapting to.

     all you need is an adapter cable, to go from the OEM XM antenna lead termination to the location at where you have the aftermarket xm tuner mounted:

     on your 2007 GMC Sierra, the XM Tuner is located behind the glovebox:




  • I like it when I learn something new. I had never seen or heard of this adapter before.

    Where did you get this adapter?


  • yes, Shawn, you can email me directly via the email address in my Signature below for complete detailed information.

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  • brianrwebb:
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  • I've got a 2008 Sierra and i was wondering if you knew how to do the same thing to it and if i had to have the pioneer xm adapter for it to work

  • You would want to contact BrianRWebb via PM about this (if he's still active).

    I'm pretty sure it can be done, although I think he said his price was in the range of what a MP3 player cost.  I've seen adapters online as well, but can't post competitor links.

    I'm pretty sure you would also need the XM adapter - this only adapts the factory antenna to work with whatever tuner you happen to be using.

    Hope This Helps!!!

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  • yes, short, i can or you 'can' adapt the OEM XM Antenna on your Sierra to adapt to ANY aftermarket Sirius or XM tuner module.

    but this is the antenna only, which is to say you CANNOT adapt the OEM XM Tuner to work with an aftermarket headunit; you will always needs to buy that manufacturer's interface and tuner for it to receive SAT reception, but the OEM roof mount antenna can be adapted to that aftermarket sat tuner, eleminiating the need for an additional external sat antenna.

    most all of the people i deal with regarding antenna adapters have either google'd ny name or email address or been referred through a previous existing post, but if i can help yuo directly you are more than welcome to email me directly; many times what happens is an email conversation that results in a specific solution, but my antenna adapter is only one step of that solution.

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  • Brian,

    Appreicate your input on my XM problem and what options I have.

    08 Sierra factory XM Radio / Antenna.

    Broken windshield replaced, dealership saying when windshield was replaced, XM antenna wire was cut.  I've tried looking to see diagrams on-line of placement of antenna wiring but unsuccessful.

    Removed  glove box and think I located XM antenna wire.  Does anyone sell just the wire from module to antenna?

    Dealership gave a price to fix $350.

    Help anyone Crying


  • Sadly, Brian hasn't been on the forums in over a year.

    I can't link to competitors (even though CF doesn't sell most of the items), but see this and especially the GM insider link.

    I think what you need is a F-F SMB connector extension cable - you would want to verify that first.

    You should be able to find them around $25-50 online.

    You should be able to go from each end and figure out the routing of the cable - but you might have to remove the headliner, maybe even the dash to do it.

    I've heard of the cables being damaged during windshield replacement, and I'd think the glass shop (assuming it was replaced by one) would be liable for repairing it.

    Dealership $350 is parts and labor, correct?  I imagine most of that is labor.

    Hope This Helps!!!

    Anyone else have suggestions?


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  • WOW..

    Thanks for the quick reply on my issue.

    It is frustrating trying to resolve issue without having to purchase the entire XM OEM Antenna Kit.

    I understand the rules on this forum but it would make sense if they don't offer the product to buy to

    consider stocking the item or allowing helpful people such as yourself to direct to outfits that do.

    If they sold the item, I'd buy it....

    Will do some more research on your points.


  • I don't represent CF, so I can't speak directly for them, but most of the issues with the forum and links are:

    • XM Antenna adapter cables and not going to be a high-volume sales item for them - we get a bunch of questions on them, but they won't sell as many as they would sell CD players (although they stock dash kits for most cars and I would think these would be higher demand of an item them them).
    • We can direct to places that sell things that CF doesn't carry - for example, if you asked about patio furniture, I could link you to Lowe's or Home Depot - the problem is that 90% of the stores that sell XM antenna cables will also sell XM tuners and that makes them competitors.
    • We can discuss via PM (Conversation) - although I'm out of my area on this and would just be googling like you are.  Anything other than competing stores would be better handled in the main forum so others can see it anyway.  Actually, most of what you needed, I was able to post anyway - the GM Insider thread had most of the pertinent info, and the best source for purchase is probably the first Google link - TSS-Radio.  I recommend you contact them directly, but first I wold be insisting the glass company take care of it.

    Hope This Helps!!!

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