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Sc-c1 Tuner and Clarion CZ-501

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Sc-c1 Tuner and Clarion CZ-501

  • I have just installed a a Clarion CZ-501 and a SC-C1 Sirius tuner. When I first turned it on it seemed to work fine, I then activated it then I get a loading only screen and no other functions work. I tried disconnecting power and it worked, but as soon as I shut the car off or the radio it goes back to loading only and no buttons work. Is this a common problem? I have retraced all of my wiring, checked connections, disconnected the antenna and the signal cable from the tuner and still nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    [edited by: Ryan at 4:35 PM (GMT -5) on Thu, Aug 25 2011]
  • Sounds like a possible defect. Check to make sure the cable that connects to the Sirius tuner isn't getting pinched and shorted.

  • If it will never move past "Loading", then more than likely you have a bad Sirius tuner.


  • Help, having the same problem. Sometimes I have to turn off and on several times to get sirius on without seeing "loading"!