The Dreaded "No Satellite Signal"

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The Dreaded "No Satellite Signal"

  • We just bought a SiriusXM Edge Radio with  two home docking stations (one for home, one for work). Home I can get it to work fine; work is another story. I work in an office environment with East facing window in NE US. Windows don't open, and there is no feasible way to run an antenna outside. I cannot get a signal through this window, no matter how far south I turn it. West is out of the question completely. My window faces almost due east.

    Do I have any options to get this to work. My husband, who has a south facing window office down the hall from me, can get it to work fine. I don't think they'd take too kindly to me running an antenna through the hall from his office to mine, however.

    Is there any type of wireless antenna? Does that even make sense - I really don't know anything about this. I could mount an antenna on the outside of the building, but I have no way of getting it back into the building.

    Like I said, I don't know anything about this, so any helpful, constructive advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.


  • Did you buy it from Crutchfield ?

    GLH Geeked

  • Ideally, you'd want the SiriusXM wireless signal repeater. While we've offered them in the past, the one we carried has been discontinued and is no longer available. A keyword search for "Repeater" om the SiriusXM website returns the proper product: 

    But when you click the "Find  a Retailer" button, the resulting page "cannot be found".

    So, short of running a long antenna extension cable to get your antenna in a better location, there's no current products that we can offer to provide reception to your Edge tuner in this location.

    If you have an available Wi-fi signal in your office, you could opt for the new Sirius XM Lynx which can stream an online subscription through a wireless network.


    Anyone else have a good recommendation?