sirsus to XM

  • I have a life time plan with sirsus,not XM. And just bought a 2012 nissan which has xm. So the ? is can I just change the recieve that,s built in behind the dash if there is one or do I have to replace the whole radio. which entails cutting the dash.  By the way XM does Not offer a life time plan and sirsus does for $499.oo

  • We'll need to know the model of your Nissan (Altima, Sentra, etc.) and more information regarding the factory sound system (Bose, Rockford Fosgate, Basic, etc.). Also, check the face of the factory stereo to see if there's a printed model number. It may say something like "CY13F" near the display.

    There's a slight chance we may have something that can work for you but we'll need this additional information to be sure.