2007 Audi A6 & Sirrus SAT Radio module (8E0 035 593 D) - harness missing connectors, help.

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2007 Audi A6 & Sirrus SAT Radio module (8E0 035 593 D) - harness missing connectors, help.

  • This is very odd, in the trunk, the SAT harness contains only 2 connectors that will connect to the SAT module.  Take a look at the photo below (those circled in red are the only connectors I have in the compartment.  However, there is one other connector with those 2 that has what looks like a small loop antenna connected to it (about 2-3 inches in diameter).  It can be removed (and shows a blinking red light in connector).  Even if I I tried to connect it to the sat module it wouldn't fit because the connector is not the same type.   What am I missing here to connect this unit?  There is no brown connector at all that  I can see

    The module is part number: 8E0 035 593 D

  • We haven't physically researched the vehicle but I did look at a factory manual for wiring.

    The connector on the left is the MOST BUS connector. The red light you see when the plug is removed is for a fiber optic connection. Depending on the the system in the vehicle, there may be a harness that could plug in here but otherwise it contains a jumber connecting the input and output.

    The next connector is the one used when the fiber optic connection is not present.

    The Brown plug is for a terrestrial satellite antenna connection. This is for ground based repeaters in large cities and that antenna may not be present on the vehicle.

    The Green plug is the satellite antenna.

    So from what I can tell, you should be able to make the two connections you have and it seems like it should work but this is based on what I can find in the factory manual. (Leave the jumper plug in place on the left most connector)