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Can I use Factory Sirius Antenna with Sirius Tuner SVX200V1 ???

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Can I use Factory Sirius Antenna with Sirius Tuner SVX200V1 ???

  • I am outfitting my 2012 Ford Expedition (factory base stereo w/ Sync).. I am installing a Pioneer AVH-X5600BHS and Sirius tuner SXV200V1, using the iDatalink Maestro RR w/ T-Harness.

    I have already installed the Pioneer bluetooth mic (I was told the factory bluetooth mic will no longer work- it must be part of Sync).

    However, I get conflicting opinions on whether I can use the factory Sirius antenna. Some folks say the factory Sirius antenna will snap right into the SXV200, others say no way, and others say it can only be done with an extension cable. I really would like to continue to use the factory roof-mounted Sirius antenna if possible.

    Please advise!!!!!

  • Our vehicle research doesn't provide info on the factory satellite tuners at this time so we don't know how to adapt the SiriusXM SXV200V1 to factory satellite antennas; but I have heard of people successfully doing it in the past with certain factory models. That might be something you can find out more about from online Ford forums.


    The other thing to keep in mind is the SXV200V1 includes it's own antenna that you can use if you can't adapt the factory model.


    Anyone else have any suggestions?