sir-gm1 problem

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sir-gm1 problem

  • I have an sir-gm1 with a 6cd bose non factory xm radio in a 2003 Silverado. No matter how many times I press the band button XM or SR never shows. I have wired the power to a circuit that turns on and off with the ignition switch, a cigarette liter adaptor, and directly to the battery + terminal. I attached the ground to a metal support bolted to front of the cab right next to the steering column. I used the antenna that came with the unit and the T harness. What else can I do?

  • Hi there,

    You probably just need to initialize the module. One note on power though, the B+ wire does need to go to constant 12v which should be an orange wire on your factory system. To initialize the module:

    1. Disconnect the T-Harness from the vehicle

    2. Reconnect the factory Class-2 bus harness to the stock radio

    3. Turn on the ACC (ignition)- this will reset the Class-2 bus (resets the Class-2 bus configuration back to stock)

    4. Turn off the ACC (Ignition)

    5. The next steps must be done with the yellow power wire from the T-Harness disconnected. (You can also just pull the fuse out of the fuse/filter box that is on the harness (inside that little black box on the yellow/black wire harness)

    6. Be sure that the ground wire is connected

    7. Unplug the Class-2 bus harness on the radio

    8. Reconnect the T-Harness (be sure that the plugs are connected solid

    9. Connect the SIR-GM1 to the T-Harness

    10. Finally, connect the Yellow wire to B+ (or reinsert the fuse)

    11. Turn the ACC (Ignition On)

    12. Cycle through the BAND - it may take two or three passes to see the SR source show up.